Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Palestinians Take Media Bias to a Whole New Level

Army Dogs Wage War on Illegal Palestinian Workers

The title of this article is almost as ridiculous as its content. Palestinians have been illegally crossing a fence which separates the West Bank from other parts of inner Israel in order to find work and are horrified to find that Israel is attempting to stop these illegal crossings by using dogs.

The Palestinians, referred to as "victims" in the article, claim that they are not terrorists, only laborers. Well while laborers may not be terrorists, aren't all terrorists laborers of some sort?

It seems to me the author forgot to state the statistics of people who do cross the fence illegally who are terrorists.

One Palestinian man's encounter (with my parenthetical additions):
"We were trying to cross into Israel at about 4:00 am when suddenly we saw a group of soldiers and dogs," said Munir Hushia, a 35-year-old father of six.
"They shouted at us to stop, (but we didn't so they sent the dogs to attack us and stop us from crossing illegally into their land) then the dogs attacked (because even though the IDF warned us, we didn't stop crossing in), injuring some of us while others managed to get away," he told AFP, saying he was bitten on the hand and on other parts of his body.
Another Palestinian's surprising shock: "At about 5:00 am I got to the border to try and get through a hole in the fence when all of a sudden a dog attacked me and tried to savage my hand. When I managed to get my hand away, it bit my backside," he said. After doctors operated on his hand, he went to the Israeli police station in Kiryat Arba settlement to file a complaint. But instead of helping, they arrested him on suspicion of illegally entering Israel, he says.
Why this man is surprised that the police arrested him is beyond me. It's as if he told police that someone stole his cocaine stash. He basically just turned himself in.
The Palestinians feel that crossing into Israel through "holes in the fence" is their only option because there is no work on their side of the Green Line and because "they are the breadwinners of the family, so what else can [they] do". Perhaps they should advocate for peace between Palestinians and Israelis so that they can get rid of the barrier altogether and find work throughout the country. Perhaps they should stop educating their children to hate Jews and stop worshiping Jihadists who take innocent lives everyday. 
I'm not speaking as a Zionist. Being impartial and looking only at the facts, the Palestinians have nothing in their favor. These measures, as extreme as they are, were forced on the Israeli's due to the years and years of Palestinians illegally crossing the border and blowing up buses
The Palestinians are asking for pity that they don't deserve. They brought these dogs on themselves, quite literally.

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